Yuzu Kosho - Batch #03 SOLD OUT


Yuzu Kosho - Batch #03 SOLD OUT


Yuzu Kosho is a salty, spicy fermented chilli paste originating from Japan. This one is made with yuzu juice and peel from Food By Fiat Farms in Peats Ridge in NSW. The very hot chillies are also sourced from Fiat! This one has a little fresh garlic added to the ferment from Owl Farm, Braidwood.

It’s salty and very spicy so only needs a touch added to your meal for a zingy, spicy kick!


Yuzu (Food by Fiat, Peats Ridge, NSW)

Hot Chillies (Food by Fiat, Peats Ridge, NSW)

Organic Garlic (Owl Farm, Braidwood, NSW)

Salt (Olssons, SA)

Serving Suggestions

Is amazing with any seafood! Add a small amount to mayonnaise or hummus as a spread for your favourite sandwich. Add a tiny dash to a soup or ramen for a spicy kick. Serve a little with grilled steak or fish or even add to a dressing for a fish carpaccio. Serve simply with with sautéed greens.