SOLD OUT Yuzu & Fermented Green Chilli Sauce - batch#01


SOLD OUT Yuzu & Fermented Green Chilli Sauce - batch#01


As featured in Gourmet Traveller! The first and maybe the last batch ever of this green chilli sauce. It was made using togarashi green chillies and jalapenos from Living Earth Farm in the Southern Highlands. Sadly due to drought and other causes the farm had to shut. So this one is to honour Olivier and Falani’s delicious array of produce. The ferment was helped along with a few Nashi pears and garlic from Living Earth as well. When finishing off I decided it needed a kick of citrus so I used a (sadly, imported) splash of pure yuzu juice. Keep this one in the fridge as it is alive! Probiotic and wildly fermented this chilli sauce has natural lactobacillus and yeasts that combine to give the sauce sourness, sweetness and umami with a really unique flavor profile. It may fizz upon opening. This product will never be made the same again! Once gone… it’s GONE!


Green togarashi chillies & jalapenos (Living Earth Farm, Southern Highlands,NSW)

Garlic (Living Earth Farm, NSW)

Salt (Olssons, SA)

Nashi Pears (Orange, NSW)

Red Wine Vinegar (Lirah, QLD)

Brown Sugar (CSL, QLD)

Organic Ginger (NSW)

Pure Yuzu juice (Japan)

Coriander Seed

Serving Suggestions

This on is great over a grilled fish taco! Or simply with steamed veg. It goes well with cured meats or barbecued chicken. The sourness of the yuzu also goes well with roast pork. Try in a dressing for shredded cabbage.