Shrub - Batch #21


Shrub - Batch #21


A shrub is a vinegar-based cordial to mix into drinks. Read more about it here.

Every batch of shrub is made with different seasonal fruit. This one using Blood, Jewel and Simka plums sourced from Muscat Family Farms. Actually from Andrew’s own farm located in Wombat, NSW (near Young). The plums were super ripe and sweet so I added some locally wild harvested Davidson plums for a little sour touch. The fruit is fermented with Australian raw sugar and steeped with local Apple cider vinegar. It has a sour plum lolly like flavour. Mix with soda water for a great non-alcoholic drink or splash some in with gin & tonic or your favourite mixed cocktail. Also good in a salad dressing!


Blood, Jewel & Simka Plums (Muscat Farms, Young, NSW)

Davidson Plums (NSW)

Raw Sugar (CSL, QLD)

Apple Cider Vinegar (Lirah, QLD)

Serving Suggestions

Add to still or fizzy water like a cordial! Or add a dash to a gin & tonic. A shrub can be treated like a drink or you can use it in a salad dressing. This one would go with a rocket and parmesan salad!