Shrub - Batch #15


Shrub - Batch #15


A shrub is a vinegar-based cordial to mix into drinks. Read more about it here.

Every batch of shrub is made with different seasonal fruit. This delicious shrub has a bright red colour and a lively sweet fruit complex flavour. The blend is reminiscent of a Pimms cup and will be great for summer punches and refreshing drinks. Like all my shrubs - it was made by fermenting the strawberries, cucumber and mint with raw sugar and then adding apple cider vinegar with the mother. This shrub has an amazing bright red colour and stand out aroma. It’s highly active so expect a little fizz in your bottle and make sure to keep in the fridge!

I was so excited to use fresh berries for this one so massive shout out to Camilleri Berries for the amazing produce!


Strawberries (Camilleri Berries, Picton, NSW)

Cucumber & Mint (Muscat Family Farm, Hawkesbury, NSW)

Raw Sugar (CSL, QLD)

Apple Cider Vinegar (Lirah, QLD)

Serving Suggestions

Add to still or fizzy water like a cordial! Or add a good splash to a jug with gin, ice, ginger ale or lemonade and chopped cucumber, strawberries, lime and mint for a local version of a Pimms cup punch! It would also work great in a sweet salad dressing over grilled haloumi, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and sliced peaches or other favourite fruit. Summer is here!