Shrub - Batch #14


Shrub - Batch #14


A shrub is a vinegar-based cordial to mix into drinks. Read more about it here.

Every batch of shrub is made with different seasonal fruit. Winter is always a celebration of citrus fruit. This is the third citrus shrub of the season, this time using Kumquats and a hint of star anise. Kumquats are those fruit that every grandma seems to have growing in their yard. They’re prolific growers around NSW in winter and their aroma fill the air but are rarely seen in shops… maybe because everyone seems to have a a tree around the corner? The kumquats for this shrub were sourced from Fiat from his NSW based farm. He grows amazing varieties of citrus included the much celebrated yuzu! This one came out with an umami sourness that compliments the warm star anise.

The fruit is simply fermented with Australian raw sugar and star anise and then steeped with local Apple cider vinegar


Kumquats (Food by Fiat, Peats Ridge, NSW)

Raw Sugar (CSL, QLD)

Apple Cider Vinegar (Lirah, QLD)

Star Anise (Vietnam)

Serving Suggestions

Add to still or fizzy water like a cordial! Serve with soda and a slice of ginger for a great non-alcoholic drink. Or add a dash to a dirty martini, a strange but delicious combo! A shrub can be treated like a drink or you can use it in a salad dressing. This one is great over a warm duck salad with sliced oranges, olives and rocket.