Green Chilli Miso Dressing


Green Chilli Miso Dressing


This luscious dressing is made using the brine from the Mango & Green Chilli Sauce, Australian made organic miso for a rich umami flavour, maple syrup for a touch of sweet richness, Australian extra virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar, a a good dose of my Fermented Hot Sauce.

It will coat your salad leaves in a thick rich and probiotic dressing that is not only good for your gut but will take any salad to that next level!

No need to add anything to this dressing as its flavour is balanced with saltiness, sweetness and umami. Because of the fresh raw miso and other ingredients this dressing is best kept in the fridge. But because extra virgin olive oil solidifies in the fridge, remember to shake the bottle well before serving.


Extra Virgin Olive oil, Alto, NSW.

White Wine Vinegar, Lirah, QLD.

White Miso (Meru Miso, TAS)

Maple Syrup (Canada)

Mango & Green Chilli Sauce Brine

Fermented Hot Sauce

Xantham Gum

Serving Suggestions

Drizzle over fresh mixed green leaves. Or roast cauliflower florets until golden and soft, toss in dressing while hot and serve on a bed of peppery rocket. This dressing would also be great over a noodle & chicken salad. Remember to always dress a salad just before serving!