Fermented Thai Chilli Sauce - Batch #01


Fermented Thai Chilli Sauce - Batch #01


This chilli sauce has been a long time coming! The summer of 2020/21 was very wet so the chillies were late. Then - once made - this sauce was HOT!!! So I’ve let it rest a little while to let the flavour mingle so it doesn’t send steam out your ears! It’s still a very spicy paste using mixed Thai chillies and Thai aromatics. It’s a touch sweet and quite sour and a little of this goes a long way! It will be the perfect sauce for those wanting something hotter than my standard Peach and Red Chilli sauce. This one is a thicker consistency and can be served with a spoon - if you dare!


Thai Chillies (Goldenfields, Wallacia)

Ginger & Galangal (Rita’s organis Farm, Wallacia, NSW)

Garlic (Owl Farm, Braidwood, NSW)

Lemongrass (Boon Luck Farm, NSW)

Lime Juice (Food By Fiat, Sydney)

Salt (Olssons, SA)

Rice Wine Vinegar (Japan)

Raw Sugar (CSL, QLD)

Kaffir Lime Leaves (Boon Luck Farm, NSW)

Serving Suggestions

Try this in a stir fry or soup. Add to mayo or hummus and spread on a sandwich. Mix with a little oil and use as a marinade over chicken or fish. Add a dollop to a hot noodle soup or just spoon into any dish you want to be hot and spicy!