Fermented Tamarillo Salsa


Fermented Tamarillo Salsa


A tamarillo is often described as a tree tomato. In the same family and also originating from South America, the fruit is sour and tangy. The flavour resembles a savoury guava. This ferment was inspired by a small gift of Tamarillo from Food by Fiat. I hadn’t cooked much with tamarillo and made a salsa for dinner one night with them. I was so impressed by the flavour I decided to buy the rest of his harvest and make some for everyone!

Helped along with some extra late season tomatoes from Andrew Muscat and local garlic. Probiotic and wildly fermented this tangy salsa sauce has natural lactobacillus and yeasts that combine to give the sauce sourness, sweetness and umami with a really unique flavour profile with added help of a secret spice blend.


Tamarillo (Food By Fiat, Peats Ridge NSW)

Tomatoes (Andrew Muscat, Hawkesbury, NSW)

Ginger (NSW)

Garlic (NSW)

Lime (Andrew Muscat, Hawkesbury, NSW)

Red Chillies (Food by Fiat, Peats Ridge, NSW)

Salt (Olssons, SA)

Red Wine Vinegar (Lirah, QLD)

Brown Sugar (CSL, QLD)

Mixed Spices

Serving Suggestions

This on is great over a grilled fish taco! Actually the sourness goes great with any fish dish. It would also compliment barbecued pork really well! Try this in a simple toasty with your favourite cheese. Or just drizzle over rice and beans.