Fermented Salsa Verde


Fermented Salsa Verde


This blend of fresh herbs has strong chlorophyll flavours with lingering spiciness from green onion and garlic. Packed with vitamin A, C, K and loads of polyphenols it’s a blend that will pack a healthy dose into your salad dressings and spreads. A little green garlic powder from Longview garlic, NSW has been added to give an extra hit.

This Probiotic and wildly fermented this salsa has natural lactobacillus and yeasts that combine to give the spread a natural sourness. Use anywhere you would use a pesto or salsa verde. Great on sandwiches, in salad dressings or even just with grilled meat or fish or roasted veg. A little spoonful of this will go a long way!


Parsley, dill, mint, coriander, basil & green spring onion (Muscat Family farm, Hawkesbury, NSW)

Salt (Olssons, SA)

Green Garlic Powder (Longview Garlic, Gunning, NSW)

White Wine Vinegar (Lirah, QLD)

Serving Suggestions

Serve alongside grilled meats or vegetables. Great spread on sandwiches or stir through mayonnaise and creme fraiche for a great creamy herby potato salad dressing. Try adding a dollop to a finished pasta dish or a summer pasta salad.