Fermented Peach & Hot Chilli Sauce - batch#02


Fermented Peach & Hot Chilli Sauce - batch#02


A firm favourite that goes on just about everything! A slightly sweet and thick hot chilli sauce can be used on tacos, potatoes, salads, sandwiches - seriously - the possibilities are endless! Keep this one in the fridge as it is alive! No heat has been added to the process. Probiotic and wildly fermented this hot sauce has natural lactobacillus and yeasts that combine to give the sauce sourness, sweetness and umami. It may fizz upon opening. This product can only be made once a year with the chilli harvest in Summer. Once gone… it’s GONE!


Red Chillies (Muscat Family Farms, Lower Hawkesbury)

Peaches (Orange, NSW)

Garlic (Living Earth Farm, NSW)

Salt (Olssons, SA)

Red Wine Vinegar (Lirah, QLD)

Brown Sugar (CSL, QLD)

Black Pepper

Serving Suggestions

This is just great drizzled over everything! Great over a mac & cheese! Or simply over steamed vegetables or grilled fish or chicken. Great on a sandwich with any sort of filling! It’s a chilli sauce - add to a stir fry or just add it anywhere you want a kick of fruity chilli!