Fermented Mango & Green Chilli Sauce - Batch #01


Fermented Mango & Green Chilli Sauce - Batch #01


This lively chilli sauce has been made by fermenting green chillies from Rita’s farm with summer Mangoes and local garlic. This mixture has been blended with additional white wine vinegar to stabilise the ferment. This sauce is hot, fruity, a little sweet with the natural lactobacillus and yeasts combining to give the sauce sourness and a little umami. Store in the fridge because this one is alive and kicking.


Green Chillies (Rita’s Farm Wallacia, NSW)

KP Mangoes (Con’s Organic Produce, Kilcoy, QLD)

Salt (Olssons, SA)

Garlic (Braidwood, NSW)

Brown Sugar (CSL, QLD)

Coriander Seed (Vietnam)

White Wine Vinegar (Lirah, QLD)

Serving Suggestions

Drizzle over eggs and beans for breakfast! Or try with tacos, sandwiches or anywhere you think needs a spicy boost. Great over roast sweet potato! Perfect with barbecued prawns!