Fermented Cherry Hot Sauce - Batch #03


Fermented Cherry Hot Sauce - Batch #03


This sweet rich and thick hot sauce comes in a small dripper style bottle for adding a dash to your favourite dishes. It’s made by fermenting cherries with habanero chillies and garlic then blending with vinegar and a little spice blend to round off the flavour.

It’s a deep cherry red and goes with anything you would add hot sauce to (so everything?!). Best kept in the fridge but not compulsory. It makes a great topping to oysters, eggs, in a bloody mary and much much more.


Cherries, mixed variety (Muscat Family Farms, Lower Hawkesbury)

Habanero Chillies (Bundaberg, OLD)

Garlic (Longview, Southern Tablelands NSW)

Salt (Olssons, SA)

Sherry & White Wine Vinegar (Lirah, QLD)

Sugar (CSL, QLD)

Star anise, Cinnamon, clove (imported)

Serving Suggestions

Add anywhere where you want a sour spicy kick! Great added to a sandwich or shaken over a salad. You can simply splash over grilled chicken and veggies.