Bergamot Sprinkle Batch #01


Bergamot Sprinkle Batch #01


This sprinkle was born out of my love of furikake. The Japanese sprinkle seasoning that is used over rice dishes or noodles. The furikake we previously made sold out in a week and so this Mediterranean influenced product was created to take its place!

I called this a ‘Sprinkle’ because it shouldn’t be bound by the Japanese table. The flavours are much more herbaceous, zesty and peppery than it’s furikake cousin. However, much like its cousin, it’s a seasoning that can be sprinkled on all your favourite dishes!

This sprinkle is made using the dehydrated pulp and peel from my Bergamot shrub much in the same way the yuzu furikake was made. This one also was blended with dried herbs including some native Australian Anise Myrtle, black pepper, sesame and ground chilli, smoked salt and then with dried shiitake powder and 3 different seaweeds to create an umami base.

This mix is sure to add a special zesty umami lift to any dish. It made THE BEST topping to a pumpkin risotto - get the recipe and read about it HERE!


Dehydrated Bergamot (Food By Fiat, NSW)

Black & White Sesame Seeds (imported)

Dried Rosemary & Oregano (Australia)

Dried Chillies (Food By Fiat, NSW)

Dried Wakame (Dirty Inc, SA)

Yaki Nori Flakes (Table 181, Japan)

Dried shiitake powder (The Good Grub Hub, NSW)

Black Pepper (Vietnam)

Smoked Redgum Salt (Olssons, SA)

Sugar (CSL, QLD)

Anise Myrtle (Diemen Pepper, NSW)

Garlic Powder (Imported)

Coriander Seed (Imported)

Serving Suggestions

Try over a pumpkin risotto as I made. Or it’s great just sprinkled over popcorn! Tried over roasted vegetables or mix into bread crumbs when coating fish or chicken. This would be good with steamed veggies, rice and a drizzle of really good quality extra virgin olive oil. Simply treat this sprinkle as you would a furikake and you’ll be surprised by its versatility!