Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the more frequent queries we get, along with their answers. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please get in touch!

What does ‘wildly fermented’ mean?
This term gets thrown around a lot. In general it refers to the reliance on naturally occurring bacteria and yeast to ferment food. We rely on the cultures and yeasts that naturally exist on the fruit/vegetable and in the air to perform the fermentation. No starter cultures are ever added to our ferments. Fermented foods are full of living bacteria, yeasts and enzymes that can make food more digestible and promote a diverse gut microflora.
My product fizzed when I opened it, is it safe to eat?
Yes! It may even start to overflow like a little volcano. These bottles need to be refrigerated immediately and opened slowly and maybe occasionally ‘burped’ if you store for long periods. The sauce fizzes because it is alive! The natural gasses build up in the bottle due to fermentation. No need to worry! It is also safe if you see any white scum on the surface of the product, this is Kahm yeast and is naturally occurring on wildly fermented products if left exposed to the air for long periods. However, if your product develops colourful mould or starts to smell really bad - get in contact with us as this is not normal!
Do I need to keep the products in the fridge?
The shrubs are ok stored out of the fridge before opening. All other products are best stored below 4℃. If stored out of the fridge, fermentation will accelerate.
Is the shrub alcoholic?
No! While some alcohol may be produced in the fermentation of fruit, the final product will contain less than .05% alcohol. All of our products are tested for alcohol content and come at between 0%-.05%.
What is a shrub and how do I use it?
A shrub is a vinegar based cordial or ‘drinking vinegar’. There are many ways to make a shrub but ours use wildly fermented fruit, sugar and apple cider vinegar and are raw, natural and are never heat treated. Containing loads of probiotics, our shrubs are great for digestion. The best way to enjoy our shrubs is to add 5-10ml to a glass of sparkling or still water as a refreshing non-alcoholic drink. Alternatively, you can add a dash to a gin and tonic or use as part of a more sophisticated cocktail brew.
Delivery & Shipping
We use AusPost Express for most deliveries. This ensures next day delivery so your products get to you fast! Shipping is calculated at checkout. For all seasonal subscription orders or orders of 4 products or less will be charged at a flat rate of $15. Depending on your location, we may use a courier or hand deliver the item ourselves. No PO Boxes can be used, street addresses are necessary as we recommend that your goodies are placed directly into the fridge as soon as they are delivered. Please advise on check out if you have special requests.
Why is my temperature sensitive ferment delivered not chilled?
In the name of keeping delivery costs down for our consumers we are using Auspost. Also, we’re attempting to leave the smallest environmental imprint with our products so we’re avoiding plastic wraps, disposable ice packs, styrofoam and other detrimental materials that are often used to keep products cold. It’s important you place any fermented products into the fridge as soon as possible once they’ve arrived. That is why we advise you to provide an address where someone can place directly into the fridge. Fermented products are still safe to eat if they get a bit warm, if left out of the fridge for long periods they may start fermenting again which may cause gassy build up in the bottle. Just chuck the bottles in the fridge when they arrive and open the lids slowly.
Can I change the contents of my seasonal subscription?
Unfortunately, not. The seasonal subscription is a selection chosen to send you the best of what’s on offer for that time of year. However, if you want to add extra products to your order that would never be a problem! Simply reply to your notification email sent one week prior to distribution and we’ll add those extra products in, send you an invoice without paying the extra delivery fee.
Why can’t I have my favourite flavour again?
All the products are made seasonally in conjunction with farmers’ harvests. Because they are small batch, every batch you receive will be slightly different. It’s about appreciating what that season has to offer. You may find a new favourite flavour! If we’re lucky enough to get the same fruit again next year, we’ll reproduce a popular flavour. Wild fermentation produces different results at different times of the year and between different ingredients. No two batches can ever be the same because the bacteria will always be different! Also… Angie gets bored easily… that’s her excuse for never replicating something exactly.
Who is Angie anyway?
Angie is sometimes just referred to as ‘Food Angie’ by those that have met her. This is because she never stops talking about food and if you meet her, ask her what snacks she may have hidden in her bag… there’s bound to be a few! Angie is a trained chef, cooking teacher and fermenter. She loves sharing her knowledge and passion with whoever she meets. As one of the founders and former Culinary Director of Two Good Co, she has worked to bring food security to communities that need it most. Her passion is helping people through the use of food to transform lives. Angie’s food is a way of sharing her hobby and pantry of fermented goodies with the wider world. Follow her on instagram to see her food adventures or send her an email should you wish to enquire about catering, bespoke clases or food events.
Does Angie do catering or other food stuffs?
Yes! Get in touch with us HERE if you’re interested to know more about catering or other food products that can be made by request. Angie’s background in catering, teaching and running food events means she assist in putting together bespoke quote for small food gatherings, classes and events. Email us to know more.
Can I return the bottles to you for reuse?
Sadly, we do not currently have the facilities to accept return for the bottles. All bottles are fully recyclable in your local collection. Alternatively, you can use them for your own homemade tinctures. Or just as a vase!