Yuzu is Everything!

  • By Angie
  • 20 May, 2020
Yuzu is Everything!

A phrase uttered by anyone addicted to the flavour of this complex citrus fruit. Yuzu is a small japanese variety of citrus that taste a little like a cross between a mandarin and lime. The ripe fruit is yellow and has a thick skin and lots of seeds. It’s super aromatic. You often see it used in desserts and salad dressings in Japan but the Koreans drink a delicious jammy yuzu tea that is great for winter colds. If you’ve ever had ponzu dressing this is usually made using yuzu juice.

The yuzu I’ve sourced for my Yuzu Shrub, Yuzu Koshu and both Furikake comes from a local NSW farm based near Peats Ridge. It is grown by Food by Fiat Farms - this link takes you to a great video on his website! Fiat Malaniyom is a passionate grower of both asian produce and unique specialty produce, supplying top restaurants of Sydney. I’ve known Fiat for a long time and his quality passion for the best, unique and most flavoursome ingredients never fails to amaze. If you ever visited Entertainment Quarter Farmers Market in years gone by or Carriageworks Markets more recently, you may have spotted his stall there. All the pictures of yuzu in this post have been taken by Fiat at his farm. I’m honoured to be able to utilize his special produce in my range.

Yuzu is not an easy thing to grow in the Australian climate. The industry is small and you won’t find many growers. The trees take at least 7 years to mature and bare fruit. Meaning it will never be mass produced here. If you’ve never had the privilege of trying fresh yuzu, then I hope you’ll get the opportunity to taste my Yuzu shrub or any of my yuzu range.

What to do with my range of yuzu products? Well.. the Yuzu Shrub is simply just great with soda water or even hot water and a little honey if you need it sweeter for an immune boosting winter drink. But if you’re boozily inclined, it would go great in a whisky sour! Or even a gin and tonic or any of your favourite spirits or cocktails that work with a citrus twist. It would also go well in a salad dressing with soy sauce and grated ginger.

For The Yuzu Bonito Furikake and the Vegan Furikake see my previous blog post all about furikake. It really is addictive and the yuzu in these will lift any dish it’s sprinkled on! The Yuzu Kosho is a salty, citrusy chilli paste. Mine is made with a little ginger, red chillies and yuzu - all sourced from Fiat. It packs a spicy punch and you only need to use a touch per a person - I would say ½ teaspoon across two sandwiches with mayonnaise on a toasted chicken sanger! Or maybe ½ a teaspoon stirred through ramen! Anywhere you want zingy, salty chilli is a perfect place to add a touch! This one was made in seriously limited quantities!

Get in touch with Fiat and next year - try getting your hands on yuzu yourself and experiment with it’s delicious fresh citrus floral flavours!