Getting to know your farmer #2 - Fiat Malaniyom

  • By angie
  • 15 May, 2021
Getting to know your farmer #2 - Fiat Malaniyom

I believe it’s vitally important to support a local food economy. One of small-hold family farms that ensure a productive local food bowl and one that nurtures local community. That is why for Angie’s Food, it was important to me to source as much of my produce as possible, direct from local farmers. The quality is often better, I have a relationship with them, meaning I can ask them to grow things just for me! But I can also take fruit or veggies that have been damaged and not fit for sale at the markets, thus still allowing them to make a profit on the food they grow. Buying direct ensures they make that money for themselves and profits are not cut off the top by large distributors.

So who are my producers?

2 - Fiat Malaniyom

I first met Fiat in around 2007. He had a stall selling exotic fruits and veggies from the top end. Unique Thai and Asian produce only available in the tropics. I was that person who always asked for Jackfruit! His stall always looked so beautiful and the produce was always a taste reminder of holidays to the south east.

🍋 Fast Forward to 2019 and Fiat and I found ourselves on the same ‘Market Gardening’ course with Milkwood, run by Olivier from Living Earth Farm. This was serendipitous because I was starting to make my products in larger volumes and thinking about starting my business. I had been getting a lot of yuzu and bergamot from him the previous years at Carriageworks. It was amazing to hear about how his farm was expanding.

Fiat has a small market gardening plot near Bankstown among other places, but the main farm is located near Peats Ridge. They use regenerative practices with diversity in mind. Fiat says, that while this farm has been going for over 100 years, him and his partner started the collaboration in 2013.

Their favourite things to to grow are traditional & rare varieties of fruits and herbs, great but forgotten heirlooms, Australian native produce as well as the newly discovered varieties & exotic fruits & citruses. I know I always find something new at their stall! My favourite new thing was feijoa flowers!

Of course what Fiat is becoming famous for is what he says he sells the most - their exotic citruses (like yuzu, bergamot, calamansi lime, Nagami Cumquats, etc.) as well as staple citruses like Tahitian Seedless Lime, Eureka Seedless Lemon, Navel Orange & mandarins.

⛈ Whenever I ask any farmer what they worst part of farming is, it’s always unsurprisingly, the erratic weather conditions and Fiat is no different. That is why we need to support local small farmers through the good and the tough times!

🛍 You can support Fiat by visiting his stall at their monthly growers markets: Hudson Meats Cammeray on every 1st Saturday of the month and Carriageworks Farmers Market on every 3rd Saturday of the month. Or customers can visit their website or follow them on socials (Facebook & Instagram @foodbyfiat) for more information about market days as well as future pop up events - plus he does catering! So make sure you check hat out because his Thai food is seriously to die for!!

What’s in the future for Fiat and his produce? He’s currently putting together an online store for their seasonal produce box & FBF Kitchen Essential Products like our signature curry pastes, salad dressings, sauces. These are a staple in my fridge and the only curry paste I recommend buying!

Meanwhile, you can taste his produce in many many of my ferments - Lime & Mint Shrub, Yuzu shrub, Bergamot shrub, Yuzu Kosho, Kumquat shrub and one of y most popular - Tamarillo Salsa - this year with some seriously hot chillies he grew! 🌶 🌶